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             Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka is one of the Services in the Bangalore One application. This service is rendering through Bangalore One to apply Name Inclusion, Deletion, Modification and Transposition to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka. Initially Bangalore One will be rendering this service through selected B1 Centers only. Bangalore One Operator has to utilize the Department Portal to render these services and can do a transaction at Bangalore One Application to generate a B1 Receipt. There is no transaction charge involved in rendering these services. This is a value added service for the citizens of Karnataka through Bangalore One and Karnataka One Applications.

    Services offered through Bangalore One:

Name Inclusion: The citizen can visit Bangalore One Center to apply for EPIC Card i.e. Inclusion under which has to furnish paraphernalia to B1 Operator and an acknowledgement receipt will be issued. On successful field survey of Department, EPIC Card will be issued.
Deletion: Citizen can request to remove the EPIC Card details from the respective constituency if there are multiple EPIC Cards are issued.
Modification: Citizen can request to update the corrections required in the EPIC Card Details such as Name,Age,Father's/Mother's/Husband's Name,Sex, and Electors Photo Identity Card Number.
Transposition: person whose name is already included in the current Electoral Roll can file the Application for transposition of an entry in a different place of the same Constituency

Citizen has to furnish a few supporting documents to process the application at Department end. Supporting Documents like Address Proof, Identity Proof, two copies of Passport Photographs.

Bangalore One Coordinator gathers all the applications from each center and hand them over to department along with provided supporting documents.

Issue of EPIC Card:

Now Bangalore One has integrated the service to issue EPIC Card at Bangalore One Centers. Citizen might have enrolled for EPIC Card or any modifications. To get New or updated EPIC Card, citizen can visit to the Bangalore One Center. EPIC Card will be issued to the respective candidate only. It will not be handed over to any other person on behalf of somebody.

  • Citizen has to furnish Constituency, Candidate Name and Relation Name.
  • Operator logs in Department Portal through Bangalore One Application and searches for provided information. Application displays multiple records along with Photo.
  • Citizen has to identify one's photograph and verify the EPIC information before issuing the EPIC Card
  • On getting confirmation, EPIC Card will be printed and issued to the citizen with proper lamination.
  • Bangalore One charges for this service is Rs. 10/-. Pay mode is only Cash.