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PUC is integrated with Bangalore One to provide an extended arm of convenience to the Citizens of Bangalore through the B1 centers.

   Services available with BangaloreOne Centres

1. Application for Photo Copies.
2. Application for Revaluation.
3. Application for Re-totaling of Marks.
4. PUC Results.
5. Postal Request for Photo Copies.
6. Postal Request for Revaluation.
7. Postal Request for Re-totaling of Marks.
8. PUC Admission Application Forms.

   Description of the PUC Services available with BangaloreOne Centre

Photo Copies, Revaluation, Re-Totaling Service.

  • Citizen can apply for Photo Copies, Revaluation, Re-Totaling of Marks through Bangalore One Centers as well as Bangalore One Portal.
  • Citizen has to furnish PUC Registration Number of respective Student to retrive information.
  • Information like Student details, College details and Subjects will be displayed.
  • Citizen has to furnish student address to which Photo Copies will be sent through Registered Post.
  • Citizen has to select the subjects for which he/she wishes to apply the PUC services.
  • For Photo Copies, Rs. 504 (Per Subject) + Rs. 5(Service Charge per transaction) will be charged.
  • For Revaluation, Rs. 1260 (Per Subject) + Rs. 5(Service Charge per transaction) will be charged.
  • For Re-Totaling of Marks, Rs. 336 (Per Subject) + Rs. 5(Service Charge per transaction) will be charged.
  • Citizen can pay the amount through Cash or Credit Card.

  • For Postal Application of PUC Services

    Citizen can apply the PUC Services through Postal Service also. This service is meant for those who are away from the Bangalore City and want to apply for Photo copies, Revaluation, or Retotaling of Marks. Student can mention the information like Registration Number, College details, Subjects applied for along with DD and send the post to the PUC Department. PUC Department sort the requests service wise and submit to the Bangalore One Centers.
    PUC Admission Application Forms

    This is service is meant for availing Admission Application Forms for PUC. Citizen has to furnish brief personal information to conduct a transaction. This service charges Rs. 5/- per Application form.

    Visit for more details.