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BWSSB Services
             Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) services available at B1 centers are Viewing and Payment of monthly bills. The citizen could avail the service of Viewing and payment of monthly bills also through the Bangalore One Portal.

Now recently new service integrated with Bangalore One is New Water Connection Challan Payment.

   BWSSB Services available with BangaloreOne Centres

    Viewing and Payment of Monthly Bills

  • Citizen has to furnish monthly Water Bill to pay through Bangalore One Centers.
  • Bill Information like RR Number, Bill Number, Sub-Division, Bill Amount are mandatory to commit a transaction through Bangalore One.
  • Pay Modes available are Cash, Cheque, DD and Credit Card.
  • Multiple bill payments can be done through a single Cheque or DD.
  • DD/Cheque should be taken in favour of Bangalore One and it must be taken from any of the RBI(Reserve Bank of India) recognized banks.

      Collection of Challan Payment

    • Citizen has to furnish Challan (Issued by BWSSB for New Water Connection, New Meter etc) to pay through Bangalore One.
    • Challan Number and Challan Amount from the Challan are mandatory information.
    • Pay Modes available are Cash, DD and Credit Card.
    • DD should be taken in favour of Bangalore One and it must belong to RBI recognized banks


    BWSSB - Application for New Water Connection (SAKALA)

                 BWSSB is integrating Application for New Water Connection with Bangalore One. It is Web Service Integration Model. Citizen can visit BWSSB Portal to submit required supporting documents. Department will verify the documents and a BWSSB Reference Number will be generated.

    Citizen can pay BWSSB Fees through B1 Centers.

  • Citizen has to furnish the BWSSB Reference Number to retrieve Consumer Details from the BWSSB Department along with Fees.
  • B1 Operator collects demanded fees against BWSSB Reference Number and commit the transaction.
  • On successful transaction, GSC Number will be provided through B1 Receipt.

  • Services available in BangaloreOne Portal

      BWSSB Payment of Water Bills

    • Citizen can pay monthly water bill payments through Bangalore One portal (
    • Payments will be handled in a highly secured manner.
    • Pay Mode available are Net Banking and Debit/Credit Cards. We accept VISA and MASTER CARDS and AMEX CARDS.
    • A Receipt will be generated for each successful transaction specifying the unique B1 Transaction ID along with bill details.