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             Karnataka Housing Board Department is integrating Building Plan Approval Fees Payment with Bangalore One. It is Web Service Integration Model. Citizen will submit required supporting documents through KHB Portal and a KHB Reference Number will be generated.

Citizen can pay Building Plan Approval Fees through either Bangalore One Portal as well as B1 Centers.


  • Citizen has to furnish the KHB Reference Number to retrieve Property Details from the KHB Department along with Amount.
  • B1 Operator collects demanded amount for the KHB Reference Number and commit the transaction.
  • On successful transaction, GSC Number will be provided in the B1 Receipt.

  • B1 Portal::

  • Citizen can click link "Pay Online" provided in the KHB Portal which will navigate to the Bangalore One Portal.
  • On Page Load, Property Details and Amount will be retrieved with respective KHB Reference Number.
  • Citizen can verify retrieved details and amount and commit transaction either through Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking.
  • On successful payment, GSC Number will be generated which will be provided through B1 Receipt.