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   EESL Services available with BangaloreOne Centres

Issue of LED Bulbs through B1 centres

Government of Karnataka introduced Hosa Belaku-Domestic Efficient Lighting Program, an ambitious program, in association with Energy Efficiency Department to provide LED bulbs at nominal prices to all households in the state to save power. These LED bulbs are of 9 Mega Watts each and are non-breakable bulbs which come with a three-year warranty. They emit more light compared to incandescent bulbs.

Bangalore One integrated a service through which LED Bulbs are getting distributed through Bangalore One Centers to citizens of Bangalore. Based on the BESCOM Department Data, respective citizen will be issued 5 to 10 LED Bulbs w.r.t. the BESCOM Connection wise Load. Each LED Bulb will be charged Rs. 100/- and the Quota will be decided by BESCOM Department. Initially a few Bangalore One Centers are rendering this service across Bangalore City. Citizen has to furnish BESCOM Account Number with which transaction can be rendered and be issued LED Bulbs.

BESCOM Services available with Bangalore One Centres

Viewing and Payment of Bills by RR No. and Subdivision

  • CCitizen furnishes BESCOM Account Number which will be captured at Department Portal.
  • Department Portal will be displaying the BESCOM Connection Details along with allotted Quota of LED Bulbs.
  • B1 Operator commits the transaction and update the Department Receipt Number under Bangalore One Application and conduct a transaction at Bangalore One Application.
  • B1 Operator collects the Amount as per the number of LED Bulbs through Bangalore One application
  • Available Pay Mode is only Cash.