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Calamity Relief Fund
             A Calamity Relief Fund will be constituted by each state for the purpose of financing natural calamity relief assistance. State Government has to create a contingency fund on the lines of the national calamity relief fund to tackle the recurring drought and flood situations in the state. Creation of such a fund will ensure flow of money in the event of calamities to take up relief operations. As Bangalore One is an entity of Government of Karnataka, collects funds from the citizens of Bangalore who wishes to assist and GoK takes steps on a war footing to distribute it among the real beneficiaries.

    Service offered through Bangalore one:

Collection of Calamity Relief Fund

  • Citizen has to furnish general personal information.
  • Citizen can issue funds in the form of Cash or Cheque.
  • A B1 Receipt will be issued as an acknowledgement.