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Help On How to Register for Bangalore One Portal

    The registration page allows the users of BangaloreOne web portal to register and create their user credentials for using the portal to avail the services provided by it.
    The following are the credentials required for registration process

    • User-ID which will be a unique ID must contain only alphabets (a-z), numbers (0-9)and underscore (_)
    • Password must be at least 6 characters and must be made sure that it is known only to the person who has registered for the ID to ensure better security.

    Note: Your password is case-sensitive (Capable of distinguishing between uppercase [capital] and lowercase [small] letters. For example, A is different from a. If information is case sensitive, it must be typed with the required capitalization). In the "Re-type Password" field, the password entered must be the exact replica of the Password that has been entered in the above field. This is to confirm the password.

    • In the personal information section fill out the fields with appropriate information so that Bangalore One can identify the User-ID for any bill payments done after logging into the Bangalore One portal.
    • In the Address section, please provide your Contact information so that Bangalore One can contact the Citizen with the User-ID incase further instruction is required with the citizen.

    • If you forgot your Password, we would identify you with this information.
      The question and secret answer that you provided during Bangalore One registration is the information that only the user must know. If you forget your password, the question and secret answer you provide can help the Bangalore One verify your identity and reset your password. There are a few lists of questions for the user to choose from. The user should select a question and provide a secret answer that you can easily remember later. It is recommended that the secret answer must not be your password. For your security, you should not write down your question and secret answer, or share it with anyone else.

    Important: If you need to provide your secret answer to reset your password, the answer you provide must match the exact spelling, spaces, and punctuation of your original answer.