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Help On Reciept Details

This Page contains information about the receipt that will be generated at the end of the Bill Payment Transaction.
It is recommended that you take a print out of the Receipt or take a Screen shot of the Receipt (press on print Screen button on your key board and open any of image editing software that is available on your system and paste.)

  • The B1 Transaction Number is a unique ID number that has been generated to identify the particular transaction. In case of any verification this number can be used to track the Transaction conducted.

  • Consumer number is the number that would be provided by the User. This number is provided by  the Department to the Consumer.
  • Consumer Name field will also be provided by the user which will be displayed only when the user enters it.

  • Bill amount will be the amount that the user has paid for the department..

  • Pay mode is mode of payment the user has used to pay the bill.

  • Credit Card Transaction Number is again a unique number that will be generated by the bank whose Credit card is being used by the User

  • Total Amount is the Bill amount and the Credit Card charges which will always depend on the actual amount that the User is paying.

  • Receipt Number, Authorization Code, Batch Number are provided by the Bank whose card is being used.

  • Card type is the abbreviation for the Credit Card type. Example: VC for  Visa Card ,MC for Master Card etc.,

  • Department field would be the short description name of the department whose Bill has been paid by the User.

  • Credit Card Charges is the amount that is charged for the transaction if the mode of payment is Credit card. This depends on the amount that is being paid by the user to pay the bill