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Some Common Errors

This Page provides Help on most of the problems that users may encounter while navigating through the Portal or while making a bill payment from the services provided by the Bangalore One Portal.

Common Errors that a user might encounter:

  • The session has expired, kindly login again.
    This Message shows up when the user has logged into the Portal using his ID and has kept the window open without proceeding further for a few minutes.
    In such cases the user will have to re-login using their user credentials.
    To avoid this users are requested to refresh the window after every few minutes.

  • Exception: No bill details are available.
    This Message is displayed when you are doing a search on the department database. If this error is displayed it would mean that the values that have been entered to pay the bill are incorrect. Please check the information form the bill provided to you by the department and try again.

  • Remote Server Does not Exists.
    This Message is displayed only when the Bangalore One Portal does no have connectivity with the department database. At this point the user cannot pay His/Her bills online. The user has to try and do the transaction later when the connection is back online.

  • Communication with the payment client service could not be established. 
    This message is displayed when the application fails to communicate with the payment client, i.e., the payment cannot be done at this instance.